It’s that joyful combination of complexity and simplicity that has inspired and continues to inspire designers who create such covetable jewellery.

Heart motifs are supremely suitable as cherished love tokens. Ever popular offerings are by Cartier, including their iconic LOVE collection, and since 1924, every Trinity rolling ring has symbolized friendship, loyalty and love in an interlocking motif; you can figuratively wear your heart on your sleeve or the sentiment, AMOUR, is literally visible in text on your finger. The traditional Irish Claddagh ring also represents love, loyalty, and friendship. Sensing a romantic pattern here? Toi et Moi motifs (meaning you and me, en Anglais) signify the shared unity of a romantic couple while embracing their individuality; an eternity band glitteringly embodies the longevity of a relationship.

Love manifests itself in myriad forms – platonic, passionate, familial, and for every subtle gradation in between, you can show your love in all its diversity.

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