Before technology and expertise existed to facet precious gems, people adorned themselves with uncut stones. In fact, some varieties benefit from that particular shape: a cat’s eye chrysoberyl exhibits chatoyancy, referring to the catlike eye that’s visible across the stone; star sapphires and star rubies show varying degrees of asterism, a pleasing star effect, often amid a ballerina setting of baguette-cut diamonds. Emeralds can be attractively polished in classic sugarloaf shapes and highly durable cabochon sapphires commonly decorate the stem and crown of high-end wristwatches.

Art Deco Diamond and Platinum Bracelet by Cartier, circa 1925.

Important Jewels Auction

June 23, 2019

Get ready for another dazzling selection of exquisite jewels, impressive diamonds and fine selection of emeralds, rubies, sapphires in the upcoming Dupuis auction.

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