With warmer weather ahead, this usually means spring cleaning and a wardrobe overhaul. But what about your jewellery collection? Of course there are significant pieces that will always have a place in your jewellery box, but it may be time to take stock and toss certain stale accessories.

Pair of Diamond and White Gold Ear Pendants, by Myles Mindham, Spring 2020 Important Jewels Auction. Estimate: $20,000-$30,000.

How to take advantage of jewellery trends and still shop smart

The good news is that jewellery trends typically evolve at a slower rate than clothing trends, so you don’t need to strain your wallet to keep up. You can also stick to fashion jewellery for the more outrageous trends. That way you can still have some fun without overspending on something you might not get much wear out of in the long run. Save the larger investment for pieces that will remain timeless for you, regardless of what’s happening on the runway.

While taking inventory of your current jewellery collection, you can also keep an eye out for gemstones that could be rescued from a worn, dated setting and reimagined in a fresh new style. Not only is this a sustainable, economical approach to enhancing your jewels, it’s also a way to finally get some wear out of the sentimental pieces you’ve been hanging onto but would never wear in their current state. In fact, this current take on the three environmental Rs is an emerging trend in itself among jewellers, as consumers continue to care more and more about environmental impact.

Art Deco Diamond and Platinum Brooch, Spring 2020 Important Jewels Auction. Estimate: $4,000-$6,000.

Be aware though, that very often the value is not in the intrinsic worth of any particular gem. For instance, breaking up a classic Art Deco piece into its constituent bits is a major no-no. In such a case, it’s preferable to find a different good home for it, keeping the integrity of the design; choose to sell at auction, for example, and use the proceeds for something in a style that you will enjoy wearing.

Pair of Enamel and Gold Ear Clips, Schlumberger, Tiffany & Co., Spring 2020 Important Jewels Auction. Estimate: $5,500-$7,500.

Spring jewellery trends for 2020

Let’s take a look at what Spring fashion forecasters are calling for this season – and what these new pieces could replace:

In: Supersized earrings

Hoop earrings never seem to go out of style, but this year it’s all about the power hoops: big, shiny, colourful, bold.

If you really want to make a statement, you could always opt for the single earring, a look that dominated several runways this Spring. Just make sure the earring is substantial enough to make an impact on its own.

Out: Ear crawlers & huggie earrings

Spring jewellery trends this season are spotlight stealers, not wallflowers. It’s time to trade in those easy-to-wear, but often overlooked tiny earrings and huggie hoops for something more stylish.

Pair of South Sea Cultured Pearl, Blue Topaz, Diamond and White Gold Ear Pendants, Spring 2020 Important Jewels Auction. Estimate: $1,000-$1,400.

In: Pearls

A feminine classic that will remain a jewellery staple, pearls are getting a lot of wear this season, and not just as a simple strand around the neck: designers are using pearls in fresh new ways, from single earrings to headpieces and even sculptured shapes.

Out: Bohemian chokers

It’s time to set aside those Coachella-esque fabric chokers. This season is inspired by more masculine styles, such as signets and medallions.

In: Colour

Designers are getting playful this spring, especially with the use of bright hues, vibrant floral motifs, candy-coloured beads, and rainbows of baguette gems. This trend is all about having fun, creating unique looks with a mishmash of stones and metals.

Multi-Coloured Sapphire and White Gold Necklace, Spring 2020 Important Jewels Auction. Estimate: $15,000-$20,000. (left) Multi-Gem and Gold Necklace, Spring 2020 Important Jewels Auction. Estimate: $2,000-$3,000. (right)

Out: Blackened metals

Spring brings the welcome return of sunny days and vivid colours, which leaves little room for dull or dreary metals.

Long Gold Necklace, Spring 2020 Important Jewels Auction. Estimate: $7,000-$8,000.

In: Chains & charms

Oversized chains were huge (literally and figuratively) on the runways this Spring, from sparkling to enamel, layered to textured. Chunky links reign supreme for necklaces this Spring.

Charms and long, layered lariats are a lighter, yet just as fashionable option, worn draped around the neck like a scarf.

Out: Bib necklaces

This Spring, it’s either chunky choker or long chain – no in-between. That means bye-bye to bib necklaces.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway for what’s trending in Spring 2020 jewellery design is freedom and personalization. Customized elements, specialty-cut stones, and fearless mixing and matching will have your jewellery collection on point this season. Overly simplistic or delicate pieces are on the way out as more jewellery lovers gravitate toward bold, standout pieces that reflect their own unique personal style. But remember, if simple and delicate is your default comfort zone, experimenting can be fun. And rules are meant to be broken.

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