TiaraOnce in a rare while, a tiara becomes available to the auction bidder. Tiaras are the essence of elegance, and always turn a gathering into an event. They convert a dance into a ball, the downtrodden Cinderella into Prince Charming’s sweetheart.
A tiara is a crown worn high on the head, and usually has a semi-circular shape. Tiaras have been worn, in one form or another, for thousands of years, but the 19th century produced some of the most beautiful and ornate of these jewels. The finest tiaras are adorned with gems mounted in precious metal.
Royal heads around the world are regularly adorned with tiaras for special events and public appearances. Similarly, women with a complete and elegant jewellery wardrobe have a tiara for special occasions. However, even royalty may not wear a tiara every day, so we find it a useful option to have a tiara that can be converted to other uses.
Many exquisite Victorian tiaras were convertible to necklace use, greatly expanding their function in the owner’s jewel collection. Originally, these¬†tiara/necklace jewels would have been provided¬†in fitted boxes, but sadly these boxes are often lost to history.
The tiara in the Dupuis Spring 2015 auction is adorned with diamonds and pearls, and it features a very rare collection of beautiful pink conch pearls. With the original accompanying diamond-mounted attachment, the tiara easily converts to an elegant and stunning necklace. The set is offered in the original fitted box.46650-1xxxx

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