It is said by poets that there are a thousand shades of green, and at a time of year when Spring is springing up all around us, who can deny that verdant thought.

Emerald and Diamond Ring, by Bulgari realized $55,000 at Dupuis.


Emerald, the pure rich vibrant green variety of the mineral beryl, can reflect all of those poetical tones, matching the first signs of nature’s annual spring rebirth and ably suited to be the birthstone for the month of May.

Green is considered a gentle colour, a restful colour, a peaceful colour. The Ancients, from Aristotle, to Nero and Hippocrates, believed in the soothing, medicinal properties of the emerald. First believed to have been discovered in either Egypt or India thousands of years ago, the gem was known to be a favourite of Cleopatra. During the sixteenth century, deposits found in Colombia eclipsed all other sources in both quantity and quality and emeralds from the renowned Muzo mine continue to hold that preeminent status today.

The venerable emerald – its colour symbolizing calm new life and nature’s continuous cycle of rebirth – is at the same time both lively and soothing, worthy of consideration as your favourite special occasion gemstone.

Important Pair of Emerald and Diamond Ear Pendants realized $125,000 at Dupuis.

Famous examples include the Duke of Devonshire’s uncut emerald weighing almost 1400 carats; legendary jewels worn by the Nizams of Hyderabad, the Mughal royals and Maharajahs, were encrusted with emeralds of staggering beauty; Russia’s Catherine the Great owned magnificent specimens; Liz Taylor was gifted notable emeralds from her very generous husband, Richard Burton. Queen Elizabeth II is often photographed wearing a spectacular crown adorned with pear-shaped emerald drops, inherited from her jewellery-loving grandmother, Queen Mary.

The clarity and transparency of an emerald is affected by naturally occurring fissures, seen as noticeably eye visible inclusions and typically found in all emeralds, to a lesser or greater degree. The gems benefit from accepted industry treatments used to improve their appearance. These internal features, are poetically termed “jardin”, the French word for garden.

The upcoming auction features a great variety of emerald jewels.

From trending pretty, pastel-coloured gems to a royal wedding-inspired “something blue,” aquamarine is a stylish addition to any jewellery collection, for any occasion. The icy blue hue of this striking gemstone offers a unique, almost whimsical appeal and a nod to vintage and retro charm, especially when paired with the ever popular white gold or platinum, and accented by diamonds.

Aquamarine – not just a sailor’s delight

Long associated with the sea (its name derived from the Latin for “seawater”), aquamarine has been called the sailor’s lucky stone, guarding against the perils of the ocean, and was also thought to enhance intuition when worn. Aquamarine is also the traditional birthstone for those born in March. This feminine gem is now a statement piece for the chic and modern woman – sea-faring or otherwise.

When it comes to gemstones, royalty knows best

Of course, you don’t need to take our word for it: the rising Aquamarine wave surged even higher after last year’s royal nuptials when the newly named Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, was spotted waving the dazzling emerald-cut aquamarine ring once worn by the late Princess Diana. The bespoke cocktail ring designed by the iconic British jewellers, Asprey, brought the something blue tradition to a new level, while also paying tribute to Prince Harry’s mother and reminding us of the significant impact heirloom jewellery can have.

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Adding aquamarine to your collection

A member of the beryl mineral family, aquamarine is as durable as it is bold, and is suitable for everyday wear –  it’s also a very affordable gem even when weighing in a range larger than 10 carats or even nudging north of 40 carats. Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping complement to your wedding day jewellery or are simply drawn to the effortless charm of this distinctive gemstone, Dupuis Fine Jewellery Auctioneers offers several one-of-a-kind aquamarine pieces:

Moonstone, Cultured Pearl, Turquoise and 18K Gold Brooch, Karl Stittgen, circa 1970.

As Canada’s premier jewellery auction house, Dupuis Fine Jewellery Auctioneers takes pride in our collection of one-of-a-kind pieces from the world’s most renowned designers.

This month we’re showcasing a selection of exclusive signature pieces from Vancouver-based custom jeweller, Karl Stittgen, noted for his use of edgy, architecturally-inspired motifs juxtaposed with organic sculptural forms found in nature. Even the company logo and maker’s mark is an attractive, suitably symbolic ginkgo leaf. Most easily recognizable is his bold use of repetition, exuberant cluster-effects and hammered or molten textures contrasted with a high polish, sometimes with just a judiciously modest sprinkling of diamonds or the addition of a coloured gem or a few pearls. The most iconic designs feature fine metalwork as the major starring attraction and the gem accents are frequently the understudy.

Gold Gingko Leaf Brooch, by Karl Stittgen.


Karl Stittgen emigrated from Germany in the early 1950s and established himself as a prominent jeweller and watchmaker in West Vancouver. His creations soon gained global recognition and consequently he opened additional Stittgen stores in Calgary, New York and San Francisco. In his golden years, he trained many Master Goldsmiths who carry on his traditions and techniques today.

Karl Stittgen’s profound impact on both local and international jewellery design was honoured in 2009, when he received the Creative Achievement Award of Distinction at the 5th annual British Columbia Creative Achievement Awards for Applied Art and Design.

Though now essentially retired, his legacy continues: Stittgen Fine Jewellery maintains the founder’s signature contemporary style and dedication to exceptional workmanship, further allowing these distinctive designs to be deservedly appreciated by a new generation of collectors. And, as with any truly exceptional fine jewellery brand, the creations stand the test of time.

Stittgen designs are deceptively simple, yet elegant in their audacity.

Here is a sampling of some of the handcrafted Stittgen pieces that will be up for bidding at Dupuis Fine Jewellery Auctioneers:

Lot 324: Canadian Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring.

So you finally decided to pop the question. But before you get down on one knee, you need to find the perfect ring for your proposal. This is perhaps one of the most important purchases you will ever make – talk about pressure!

While choosing the right engagement ring can seem an almost impossible task, it can also be a memorable experience, especially if you opt to forego the retail route, and the added hassle of dealing with pushy sales people, and instead buy a one-of-a-kind piece at a jewellery auction.

Shop at an auction, expand your options

Buying your engagement ring at an auction is accessible no matter what your preferences or budget. In fact, you can expect to pay considerably less than you would shopping at a traditional bricks-and-mortar jewellery store. You can feel confident knowing you’re getting the most bling for your buck. Got a question? Staff are onsite with spec and tech info.

In addition to great value, the selection of engagement rings available at an auction is unrivalled. Whether your soon-to-be fiancé prefers vintage opulence or understated modern elegance, you’re bound to come across a unique style that pleases them – and your wallet.

How does buying at Dupuis work?

Here at Dupuis Fine Jewellery Auctioneers, there are many ways to bid when buying jewellery at auction. We suggest attending the live auction for the experience; however, you can also bid live online or over the phone. You can view the lots ahead of time in our gallery showroom or with our searchable online catalogue. All condition reports for each piece are easy to access, too.

Here is a sampling of just a few of the dazzling diamonds that will be available in the upcoming auction.

Gone are the days when glamourous brooches were reserved exclusively for grandmothers and ladies who lunch. This season, the bolder the better when it comes to your jewellery, with playful embellished pieces making their way down runways and the red carpet.

Why not make your own daring fashion statement with a sophisticated brooch? Perhaps paired with a great-fitting suit à la Beyoncé, or worn as a cute but practical way to keep your shawl in place. The options are limitless for these versatile accessories.

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How to wear a brooch

Lot 12 June 2019

Bedazzle your blazer

Transport your basic black blazer from the office to an evening out by simply adding a colourful brooch to the lapel. It also works as a fancy topper for a button-up blouse.

Lot 12 

A Gem-Set and Gold Clip Brooch, Mauboussin, circa 1974

With overlapping curved rows of diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire-set leaves, mounted in 18k gold, signed Mauboussin and numbered 33248, French assay marks
Estimate: $1,800-2,200



Lot 138 June 2019

Pretty up your pant suit

Add some feminine flair to your favourite power pant suit with a delicate brooch and embrace the best of both worlds.

Lot 138

A Mother-of-Pearl, Black Jade and Gold Brooch, Tiffany & Co.

The crescent form depicting the profile of the man-in-the-moon, composed of a mother-of-pearl panel and a black nephrite jade eye, mounted in 18k gold, signed Tiffany & Co.
Estimate: $1,400-1,800




Lot 205 June 2019

Something old, something bold

Looking for the perfect addition to your wedding day wardrobe? You can never go wrong with a timeless vintage brooch.

Lot 205

A Diamond and Platinum Brooch/Pendant, Primavesi & Kaufmann

The large floral and ribbon spray decorated with a round diamond and a pair of pear-shaped diamonds together weighing approximately 1.55 carats, further accented by round, marquise and baguette-cut diamonds weighing approximately 5.75 carats, mounted in platinum
Estimate: $3,000-4,000


Lot 296 June 2019

Old is new again

Vintage brooches work with more than just wedding gowns: pair with more modern bold prints or colours to refine a contemporary style.

Lot 296

An Art Deco Diamond and Platinum Brooch, circa 1930

The large pierced geometric plaque centering an Asscher-cut diamond weighing approximately 1.25 carats, decorated throughout with round, old European and baguette-cut diamonds weighing approximately 10.80 carats, mounted in platinum
Estimate: $6,000-9,000


Lot 353 June 2019

Pin it just right

A basic rule of thumb is to keep your brooch positioned over the bust on either side (sometimes both!), or even at the centre of the neckline for a perfectly streamlined look.

Lot 353

A Diamond, Ruby, Platinum and Gold Clip Brooch, Cartier

Centering a round diamond weighing approximately 1.05 carats, surrounded by radiating baguette-cut diamonds, amid trios of pear-shaped ruby florets weighing approximately 5.00 carats, alternating with pavé-set diamond leaves, mounted in platinum and 18k yellow gold, signed Cartier, Paris and numbered 013422, French assay marks
Estimate: $12,000-15,000



Lot 221 June 2019

Bling out your bag

Fastening your favourite brooch to a clutch or bag is a great way to add some pizzazz to even the plainest purse.

Lot 221

An Antique Diamond, Silver and Gold Brooch/Pendant, circa 1875

The starburst design centering an old mine-cut diamond weighing approximately 0.80 carat, surrounded by twenty undulating rays set with old mine and rose-cut diamonds weighing approximately 6.50 carats, mounted in silver and 14k gold, with fitted box
Estimate: $6,000-8,000



Lot 234 June 2019

Secure your scarf

When travelling, create a totally new look by draping a lightweight colourful square of silk or a ubiquitous Pashmina shawl, making it so much easier to comply with mandatory weight restrictions.

Lot 234

A Diamond, Platinum and Gold Clip Brooch, Schlumberger, Tiffany & Co.

The highly bombé curved form with graduated tiered rows of curled leaves, decorated by round diamonds and ropetwist details, mounted in platinum and 18k gold, signed Tiffany & Co., Schlumberger
Estimate: $8,000-10,000



Lot 167 June 2019

Cuffs qualify

Extend your jewellery reach with two or three petite forms highlighting the sleeve of a jacket or cashmere cardie, a short sleeved dress or Tee-shirt. Don’t forget the pockets, also prime territory for something pretty.

Lot 167

A Diamond and Platinum Bow Brooch

The asymmetrical ribbon bow and sashes fashioned with scrolls, loops and lines decorated by pavé-set and baguette-cut diamonds, mounted in platinum
Estimate: $4,000-5,000



Lot 219 June 2019

Adorn your hair

Add a certain je ne sais quoi to your bobby pins to elevate an up-do or a casual ponytail.

Lot 219

An Egyptian Revival Turquoise, Diamond, Platinum and Gold Bar Brooch, Cartier, circa 1925

Centering an oval bezel-set turquoise carved as a scarab, flanked by elongated wings of pierced motif and decorated by rose-cut diamonds, mounted in platinum and 14k gold, signed Cartier
Estimate: $6,500-8,500



Lot 312 June 2019

Choose a theme

Already own a floral pin? Create a charming cluster with a petite bee, a butterfly and a leaf. And a bouquet style can always be naturally grown with complementary flower motifs.

Lot 312

A Gem-Set and White Gold Butterfly Brooch

The butterfly decorated with round and baguette-cut diamonds, emeralds and sapphires and a navette-shaped ruby, featuring en tremblant antennae and a wing, mounted in 14k white gold
Estimate: $2,400-3,400




Lot 265 June 2019

Monochrome or contrast

Mix it up or keep it strictly one tone of precious metal or gemstone, depending on the mood and the occasion.

Lot 265

A Pair of Diamond, Onyx and Platinum Brooches

Of spotted animal-print inspiration, the pair of bombé penannular brooches pavé-set with round diamonds weighing approximately 8.00 carats, sprinkled with onyx, mounted in platinum
Estimate: $6,000-8,000





Lot 361 June 2019

Whimsy works

Jewellery designers, just like the internet, love cute baby animals: puppies, kittens, teddy bears and lion cubs. And hummingbirds, swans and ducklings, too.

Lot 361

An Enamel, Diamond, Ruby and Gold Clip Brooch, Frascarolo

Whimsically designed as a large duck with a prominent beak and webbed feet, decorated with black, yellow and orange enamel, with a ruby and diamond eye, mounted in textured 18k gold
Estimate: $2,600-2,800



Finding the right brooch

Add some glitter to your spring wardrobe with these standout pieces available through Dupuis Fine Jewellery Auctioneers.

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